Life-Saver Rescue Program 

Seattle Humane’s Life-Saver Rescue Program saves pets from other shelters that lack space or resources to care for them. By partnering with more than 160 animal shelters, rescues and transfer organizations, our Life-Saver Team is able to transfer in pets from shelters both local and out-of-state. By giving these pets a second chance, we open up space for other shelters to take in additional animals – doubling the life-saving capacity of our program.

Thanks to an amazing team effort, last year the Life-Saver Rescue Program went on more than 200 rescue trips and saved the lives of 4,677 pets at other shelters by transferring them to Seattle Humane.

Three Blind Kittens

Rock, Paper and Scissors are three special kittens found in Yakima by a local cat rescue group. When the health of these young kittens took a turn for the worse, they reached out to Seattle Humane for help. Due to a severe upper respiratory infection, each kitten needed extensive eye surgery and follow-up treatment. Unfortunately, our veterinarians found that their eyes were too damaged to save.

Rock and Paper had both of their eyes removed, but Scissors still had one healthy eye. After surgery, this adorable and mostly blind trio recovered in the care of a volunteer foster home. Their foster volunteer got them featured on a wildly popular Facebook page for Oskar the Blind Cat. The social media buzz and concern for these kittens was heartwarming. Scissors was the first adopted by a fan of the page, followed quickly by the adoption of both Rock and Paper as a pair. Their rough start ended in happiness for all, thanks to our generous community, dedicated staff and volunteers, and a shout out from Oskar the Blind Cat.

Rock and Paper have adjusted to life without sight with the help of their two new blind feline siblings, and Scissors is also soaking up the love in a home of his own. They all quickly adapted to their environment and are normal, playful kittens who snuggle, give kisses, and hunt flies by sound! Thank you, again, for your support of our programs so we can give a second chance to many more pets like Rock, Paper and Scissors.



Well Hello There!

Frida blossomed into a social butterfly. She now loves going to the park and snuggling. She has filled my heart with happiness since adopting her years ago!